Nov 27,2011

Howie D solo on new album

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Backstreet’s Back! OK, so maybe just one fifth.

Backstreet Boy member Howie D (Dorough) just released his first solo album, Back To Me, becoming the last active member of the late-’90s boy band — Kevin Richardson left the group in 2006 — to do so.

“I started working on it back when we took our first (group) break (between 2001-2003),” said Dorough, 38, in Toronto recently promoting the disc.

“When I initially started working on it, I was going a little bit more in the Latin direction, my Latin roots, my mother being Spanish, and would work on it on and off between (Backstreet) album cycles and tours.”

To Dorough’s relief, the Latin idea was dropped and he reverted to the Backstreet fan-friendly sound of smooth R&B-pop and uptempo numbers.

“I kind of did some soul-searching and I thought, ‘You know what, the fact that I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish as my first language, barely my second language, I didn’t really feel like it was honest,’ ” said Dorough. “I didn’t want come off like, ‘Oh, well, I just made a record in Spanish but I really don’t speak the language.’ ”

Among Back To Me songs is Pure, co-written by fellow Backstreet Boy Nick Carter for the last Backstreet Boys record, 2009’s This Is Us, but it didn’t fit the sound.

Dorough said Carter, who also released a solo album this year, was very cool about Pure being on his record.

“Within my group, we’re all very supportive of each other, we all came from solo backgrounds, and we all want to allow each other to spread our wings and help each other in any way we can.”

Still, Dorough doesn’t expect automatic success as a solo artist after the Backstreet Boys’ impressive sales record of 130 million albums worldwide.

“I never expected off the bat to have the success of my solo project like the Backstreet Boys,” he said. “I realized always that it was a new project and I had to look at it like it was a totally different project and put the hard work into and the invested time into it to make it hopefully one day as big as the Backstreet Boys.”

Since 2004, Dorough has also had a side job as a manager of such Canadian music acts as Toronto pop singer George Nozuka (who performs as George) and Toronto pop-rock band Neverest (who sing with him on his second Back To Me single, Lie To Me), with his partner, former 3deep member CJ Huyer.

“I think like Canada’s become a second home to me, Toronto even more so,” said Dorough.

Dorough has been confirmed to perform at the New Year’s Eve celebrations at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, and is planning a solo run next year.

“I was a solo artist way before I was in the group,” he said. “And since I was six years old up until 19, I was a solo artist. So I enjoy getting up on stage. It’s all I know how to do. I’m an old veteran, like wine, hopefully better with age.”

In the meantime, the hugely successful New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys — aka NKOTBSB — tour, which had 53 sold-out shows across North America this year, will next go to Europe in April-May.

Dorough also had an immediate solo gig opening up for Britney Spears in South America for five dates and there’s the second annual Backstreet Boys Carnival cruise out of Miami Dec. 2-5 to the Bahamas.

“There’s no jumping off, jumping ship. It’s a way for our fans to get to see us in a different light, in a totally different setting. We do two concerts on the boat. But then we also have costume nights, like ’80s hair band day. And karaoke. And then we have prom night with our old tuxedos, ruffles. We just do fun things with our fans. It’s just a big party.”


When Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys went out on the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys tour this year, it was his wife taking photos of him with his hysterical female fans, believe it or not.

“I had my wife and my son out,” said Dorough, whose son James is two and a half. “As we’ve gotten older and life has changed for all of us, we’ve adapted the family lives with the tour lives.”

But don’t all the screaming girls get to their respective life partners?

“We all have really cool wives and girlfriends that give their boyfriends or significant others away to the girls for those couple of hours on stage. Especially mine is really, really cool.”

Dorough married longtime girlfriend, Leigh (the band’s onetime webmaster) in 2007.

“She was on the road for a whole year with us and so totally understood what it was all about. She loves the attention that girls give to me. Fans come up and they’re like, ‘Hey can we take a picture with your husband?’ She’s like, ‘Give me that camera. Get in there girl! Put your arms around him! Give him a kiss! Kiss him on the cheek!’ She’s pretty cool. I’m lucky.” [Source]

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