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New Kevin Richardson’ subsite!!
Dec 21 2009
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Site Updates

Finally, my new Kevin Richardson’ subsite is online!!! Some sections are still under construction but now, you can visit the site and take a look to everything! I am going to add more new stuff soon so, please, visit the site often to take a look to the updates.

The site was converted to wordpress and I got a new layout here!!! What do you think on this???

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by monica in January 10 - 7:38 pm

congratulations nicky,your website looks amazing, plus kevin happens to be my favorite singer.

by monica in January 10 - 7:39 pm

i love it!

by monica in March 22 - 7:07 pm

hey nikki, do you know what’s going on with kevin? nobody is mentioning him that much, any news on him?

by steffi in October 30 - 7:32 am

Hey Nicky,
First of all I would like to congratulate you to your great homepage of Kevin Richardson “Incomplete Men” :D. I think Kevin is the best example of a perfect man – good looking man, great smile, piano player …! I’ve heard that Kevin will bring out a solo single called “Would you go with me”. Have you hear about it? I saw/heard a small part of the song this week on television. It sounds really good – it fits to Kevin. Do you know when this single will come out?
Best regards

by noor in November 24 - 11:11 am

hello nicky thank u so much for this lovely page ..and keviv u just look amazing doesnt matter how u just amazing if i see i will shout i love u , but plz nicky tell us how is we want to see him soon on tv plz….love u

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