Backstreet Boys’ Carter Wants To See The Bucs Draft Winston

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In the first part of’s exclusive interview with Bucs fan extraordinaire Nick Carter of the mega-popular Backstreet Boys band, he revealed how his halftime performances at Houlihan’s Stadium gave him the confidence he needed to propel his singing and dancing career and how he became a fan of the Pewter Pirates. 

In the conclusion, Carter discusses his fondness of Tampa Bay quarterbacks with’s Scott Reynolds, how the team finally needs a franchise QB, who he would draft with the Bucs’ first overall pick and what 2015 has in store for the Backstreet Boys and his career.

Having moved to the Tampa Bay area from Buffalo, New York as an elementary school kid, Carter switched allegiances from the Bills to the orange-clad Buccaneers and his first favorite players were unlikely suspects.

“I grew up with the Bucs in the Tony Dungy era, but it really started with Steve DeBerg,” Carter said. “He was my first favorite player when I was really, really young, and then they changed to red and pewter under Dungy. It was funny because my real favorite player became Trent Dilfer. I really liked Trent and he and I kind of became friends. I would go hang out with him at his house in Harbour Island.

“I felt a great deal of loyalty to him when he won the Super Bowl in Tampa [with Baltimore] of all places. It was fitting because I was turning 21 years old during the Super Bowl and we sung the National Anthem in Tampa. It was a win-win-win for me, especially when Trent won the Super Bowl. But it sucked because I wanted him to do it with the Buccaneers. There was always that quarterback thing in Tampa. It was like the ‘Curse of the Bambino’ with us and quarterbacks. It never seems to come together for the Bucs.”

Carter, who has over 500,000 followers on Twitter, often takes to that social media platform to talk Bucs football during the fall. Watching the team go 2-14 last season was incredibly difficult for Tampa Bay’s most passionate celebrity fan.

On December 21 as the Buccaneers got throttled by the visiting Green Bay Packers, 20-3, Carter took to Twitter to rant about the loss. Tampa Bay quarterback Josh McCown completed just 12-of-26 passes for 147 yards with no touchdowns and one interception, while being sacked a season-high seven times by the relentless Green Bay defense. Carter spoke for the hundreds of thousands of Bucs fans everywhere and implored the Glazers to draft a quarterback.

With the number one pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Tampa Bay has the prime opportunity to select a premier passer to lead the franchise. After watching Florida State battle Oregon in the Rose Bowl on January 1, Carter’s mind was made up. He knows which signal caller head coach Lovie Smith and general manager Jason Licht should draft on April 30.

“Jameis Winston reminds me so much of Ben Roethlisberger or Steve McNair,” Carter said. “You want that kind of guy running your offense, but then you hear about the character issues. I’m the kind of guy that is sympathetic to character issues because I’ve had a lot of those in my past. I feel like I’ve overcome a lot of things in my life and have turned out to be a better person because of some of the things I’ve gone through. Call it immaturity. Call it growing up. I would hate to see the Bucs pass up the opportunity to get someone who could turn the franchise around. I would pick Jameis Winston.”

Carter’s candid answer about Winston’s character issues is a tribute to him putting his own hard-partying days and struggles with alcohol and substance abuse behind him. While Winston doesn’t have the reputation for being a partyer like Cleveland’s Johnny Manziel, he does have his own well-documented issues at Florida State that the Bucs and other NFL teams will have to sort through in personal interviews prior to the 2015 NFL Draft.

“If there is anybody in the world that could help Jameis Winston, it is Lovie Smith,” Carter said. “There is an appreciation for a coach that demands respect like Lovie commands. With all of the things that he offers as a coach, I really think the Bucs should draft Jameis Winston. When I watch him command the huddle and command the offense, there is a presence on the field that reminds me of John Elway and other great players like that.”

Aside from watching the Rose Bowl Carter got some of his intel on Winston by reading

“I follow you guys all the time,” Carter said. “I think you guys get the best information. That’s why I visit, but it was hard for me back in the 1990s or even the early 2000s for me to stay up with the Bucs, especially when I was on tour. I had to get updates from Sportscenter when it was on. There wasn’t easy access from the road to, or Now, I don’t miss a game or any news with mobile technology. I could be in Japan and log on and watch the games.”

There have been times when Carter is on a solo tour or with the Backstreet Boys and will be in concert during a Bucs game, which is tough – especially if Tampa Bay is losing. Carter is such a huge fan that he makes sure he gets score updates during his show.

“I’ll be on stage performing and in the middle of our performance I’ll go down under the stage for a quick [wardrobe] change and my bodyguards will be there. I’ll say, ‘What’s the score [of the Bucs game]?’ They’ll say, ‘They’re down 20-10’ and I’ll say, ‘Aw [expletive]!’ That will mess my whole show up!”

Carter’s busy schedule as a singer and a film director prevents him from seeing the Bucs in person these days as he and his wife, Lauren Kitt, live in California. After years of dating, Carter and Kitt married last April and he has successfully converted her into becoming a Tampa Bay fan.

“My wife has become a default Bucs fan,” Carter said. “I started dating her when Jeff Garcia took over, so we had a couple of good games we’ve been to, but it’s been a long, dry run since that.”

Carter and his wife were able to fly to Tampa to see the Buccaneers lose to the Bengals in heartbreaking fashion last year, 14-13, on November 30.

“We had just gotten off tour with the boys and we decided to do something fun, so we chartered a private plane and went to the Bengals and Bucs game. We lost at the last second. It sucked. I had not been to a Buccaneers game in a long time [prior to that].”

Despite the loss and the 2-14 record, Carter – like most Bucs fans – remains optimistic that Smith and Licht will turn the franchise around beginning in 2015.

“In the long run I see the steps and I’m okay with that,” Carter said. “I know the steps are being taken to get this team back to the playoffs. I know the defense is going to be good. I’m comfortable with the growth stage as long as they figure out a way to grow and sustain a dynasty. That’s all I care about it. At the end of the day, I’m sick and tired of seeing a team like the New England Patriots go on forever because they have a smart coaching staff and great personnel people. They do great business. Why can’t we have that as well?”

One step in the right direction for Carter was the updated logo and uniforms the Bucs unveiled in 2014. The youngest member of the Backstreet Boys has grown quite fond of them.

“I like the Bucs new uniforms,” Carter said. “Change is always a little uncomfortable. It took a while for some people to get used to them, and I like the fact that they threw a little orange in there and have the orange socks, too. I love that because I’ve been a fan since the creamsicle days. I like the new uniforms and I’m going to commit to them.”

One of the reasons why Carter wants to see his beloved Buccaneers rise to prominence once again is that they will be tougher to beat in the EA Sports Madden game. Carter’s loyalty to Tampa Bay extends into the video game arena.

“I’m a big-time gamer,” Carter said. “I play Madden and I’m only the Buccaneers when I play, which sucks. There are only a certain amount of plays you can do on people [with Tampa Bay] and I’m getting beat half the time. I feel like whenever I play Madden with the Bucs I constantly have to do short plays because I can’t do any bombs [due to the poor offensive line].”

What about football in real life? Which members of the Backstreet Boys would make the best football players?

“Kevin used to play football,” Carter said. “He was a kicker and a linebacker when he was a kid. Brian would be a good little Warrick Dunn-like running back. You could throw me in there and I could be a linebacker or a quarterback if I worked hard enough at it.”

With the Backstreet Boys having toured the world together with New Kids On The Block from 2011-12 on the NKOTBSB tour, the hugely successful boy bands became close friends. When asked which band would prevail in a game of pick-up football in the backyard, the athletic Carter sided with the Backstreet Boys to no surprise.

“Definitely us!” Carter said. “No disrespect to those guys, but I tried to challenge them on tour. We were on tour and I can’t begin to tell you how many times I invited them to even go play basketball and they were saying, ‘Oh, I can’t. My knees hurt.’ I don’t care. I still play sports. I’ll never turn down the challenge.

“I’m 35. I’m the youngest – it’s true. But I don’t care. When I’m 45 I’ll still be playing basketball and playing sports. If anyone comes to our concerts they see what we do. We still do two and a half hour concerts and we’re still dancing pretty much the whole time.”

Carter, who has his own website at, toured with New Kids On The Block singer Jordan Knight as Nick & Knight last fall after producing an album together. Carter and the Backstreet Boys just celebrated the release of their new documentary “Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of,” which is available on iTunes on January 29, and he is extremely proud of the film.

“It’s the story of our lives – how we started and where we came from,” Carter said. “All the things we’ve gone through with horrible managers … it’s just a real, gritty look into how things operate in the business from our perspective and it’s real interesting because it’s a side of the Backstreet Boys that nobody has ever seen before. It’s a great movie and it’s No. 1 on iTunes, No. 1 internationally and it’s the No. 1 documentary right now. It’s doing really well.

“I’m currently recording a solo record as well. That’s on the radar, and I’m working on a movie right now called ‘Dead West.’ It’s a zombie western horror movie. I’m working on that right now and we’ll probably start filming in August. We’re getting the cast together right now.”

And long-time fans of Carter will be happy to know that there is plenty more in store from the Backstreet Boys in the near future.

“The Backstreet Boys just signed a Live Nation deal with 150 shows,” Carter said. “For the next three years we’re going to be touring. At the end of the year we’re going to be writing another record and it’s going to be a new Backstreet Boys album.”

While on tour you can bet that Carter will be keeping a close eye on his beloved Buccaneers online and attending games at Raymond James Stadium as often as he can. That’s what larger than life Bucs fans like Carter do.


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Carter’s History With Bucs Helped Start His Backstreet Boys Career

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Before he sold millions of records, made millions of dollars, toured the world and achieved international fame and notoriety as a member of the mega-successful Backstreet Boys band, Nick Carter was a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at a very early age.

Before the cool-kid clothes he wore as a teenager with the Backstreet Boys and the all-white wardrobe he and his bandmates rocked for the Grammy Award-nominated and best-selling Millennium album as a young man, Carter’s ensemble of choice consisted of creamsicle orange Bucs gear.

While music and dancing have been the passions of the 35-year old Carter for most of his life, and performing for fans is how he has earned his living, the former Tampa Bay area resident is also incredibly passionate about the Bucs. What some of his most ardent, loyal fans might not know is that Carter’s singing career with the Backstreet Boys may not have begun if not for the Buccaneers organization.

Carter, a long-time reader of and a @PewterReport follower on Twitter, spoke to Scott Reynolds about his history with the Buccaneers and about some of his memories rooting for Tampa Bay.

“My history with the Bucs goes all the way back to Houlihan’s Stadium when I was about eight or nine,” Carter said. “I was in a dance troupe with Karl and DiMarco [studios]. Sandy Karl actually choreographed all of the cheerleaders’ halftime shows at Houlihan’s Stadium – or the Big Sombrero as it was called. I performed with the cheerleaders at halftime. I don’t know where in the hell that footage is, but I did it. I was out there dancing with them and that was my first big performance in an arena or stadium.”

The confidence that Carter gained in performing before tens of thousands of orange-clad Tampa Bay fans in halftime shows in the early 1990s as an eight- and nine-year old fueled his desire to make a career out of dancing and singing. It also gave birth to his love of Buccaneers football.

“I remember going out there for my first performance at halftime and I was petrified,” Carter said. “Everything was extra-large because I was so small. But I loved it. I remember seeing all of the Bucs players running by me [at the end of halftime] in their creamsicle uniforms, which I am huge fan of. Those [uniforms] always got hated on and I’m not sure why. Nobody complains about the orange [Tennessee] Volunteers uniforms. But that’s where my history started with the Bucs.”

Those trips to Tampa Stadium, which was renamed Houlihan’s Stadium in 1996, and his close encounters with the players made him switch his allegiance in terms of which team to root for.

“I had to choose between two teams, as my family was from upstate New York around Buffalo, so my whole family are Bills fans, even though we moved to Florida,” Carter said. “By default I was a four- or five-year old Bills fan, but a few years later I realized I could choose my own team and I became a Bucs fan. Then I saw the Bills lose four Super Bowls in a row and I knew [I made the right choice].”

Carter’s timing couldn’t have been better. Living in the Tampa Bay area during the late 1990s he saw the whole town come alive and catch “Buc Fever” as head coach Tony Dungy helped turn around a franchise that had gone winless for 13 straight years. By 1997, the Bucs had new red and pewter colors, new uniforms and had reached the postseason as a surprise playoff team thanks to a 5-0 record to start the season, beginning with a stunning, 13-6 upset on opening day against Steve Young, Jerry Rice and the San Francisco 49ers.

Fresh off a few years of international success with the Backstreet Boys, Carter, who was a teenager at the time, and his bandmates had just begun to make it big domestically with the release of the song “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)” in 1997. Yet the single that propelled the Backstreet Boys to superstardom in America was “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” which was released a year later in 1998.

The accompanying video for “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” won the MTV Best Group Video of the Year award, and projected the Buccaneers into the national spotlight when Carter sported a red Hardy Nickerson Tampa Bay jersey in the intro to the video.

“The Bucs were right on the incline at that time and I was just so proud of them,” Carter said. “I had to rep them. We had just gotten our new colors and jerseys, and I had to represent my team and Tampa in the video. Hardy Nickerson was one of my favorite players at the time. It’s so cool that he’s back coaching the Bucs [linebackers] now. I love him being down there on Lovie Smith’s staff. It’s awesome.”

In addition to Nickerson, Carter has been a fan of so many great Tampa Bay players, and lists Mike Alstott and Derrick Brooks among his favorites. One of his most painful memories as a Bucs fan was seeing the team part ways with Brooks in 2009.

“I really liked a lot of Buccaneers, but Derrick Brooks was one of my favorites,” Carter said. “It was so hard for me to see him not come back and play for a couple more years. It broke my heart because he was so dedicated to that team. It was sad that it happened that way because Derrick Brooks is probably the greatest Buccaneer of all-time.”

Of course one of the best moments for any Bucs fan, including Carter, was seeing his long-suffering team rise up in 2002 and win Super Bowl XXXVII over the Oakland Raiders, 48-21. Despite having a break in his schedule and the wealth and the resources to make a trip to San Diego to see the Bucs in their first Super Bowl appearance, Carter refrained.

“I am very superstitious, and I know that it’s not about me, but I just felt that if I had gone to the Super Bowl for some reason I would have ruined it for the team [and they would have lost],” Carter said. “So I didn’t go. Instead, I watched it at a friend’s house in Los Angeles. I lost my mind just watching the darned thing unfold on TV. It was surreal to me. It was unbelievable.

“I can’t remember where I was for the NFC Championship Game, but I think I was on the road that week. To me, that game was even more special because we played the Eagles year after year and kept meeting them in the playoffs. Finally we got over that hump. I was so happy we finally beat them. That was a good Eagles team, too, and to win it in Philly was awesome.”

While Carter relished the Buccaneers becoming world champions, he still missed the days when Dungy coached the team.

“I love Jon Gruden, but I feel like we were robbed of multiple Super Bowl chances by the firing of Tony Dungy,” Carter said. “No disrespect to the Glazers. They had to make a decision, but there was so much loyalty to Dungy. So many were loyal to that man.

“The Bert Emanuel rule – is it a catch or not a catch? – really got us in 1999 against the Rams. I was so angry after that play. He caught the ball! We were robbed of going to the Super Bowl that year and it just seemed like once the team got their rings [after the Super Bowl season in 2002] they said, ‘We’re over this.’ Then we lost John Lynch. We lost Warren Sapp. It was tough.”

Bucs fans know how tough it is being a fan of losing team. Since winning the Super Bowl, Tampa Bay has compiled a dismal record of 75-117 (39 percent), including a 17-47 (26.5 percent) mark over the past four years, which is the worst in the NFL. Since the fabled 2002 season, in which Tampa Bay finished with a record of 15-4, including the postseason, the Bucs have posted just four winning seasons in the last 12 years with only two playoff appearances.

Yet Carter’s allegiance to the Buccaneers hasn’t wavered since becoming a fan as a child. Since Carter was born in 1980 the Bucs have only had nine winning seasons over the past 35 years. It hasn’t been cool or fashionable to be a Bucs fan for many of those years, and outside of ESPN’s legendary college basketball announcer Dick Vitale, who lives in Sarasota, Carter says he doesn’t know of any other celebrities that are die-hard fans of the Pewter Pirates like he is.

“No, there’s not many at all, and I’m proud to say that if anybody wants to jump on the bandwagon that they know who was there first,” Carter said. “I look at myself as being the Jack Nicholson of the Bucs. I want to be there as much as I can and I will be there on the sidelines when I can. We’re sucking, and I’m still a fan.

“But I know what’s going to happen. When we start doing well people will be rocking the Bucs jerseys and representing, but I was there first. I was there when the team was wearing the creamsicle jerseys.”

And Carter’s hometown team was there to play a role in launching his successful career and his rise to stardom with the Backstreet Boys.

In tomorrow’s conclusion of the exclusive Nick Carter interview, he discusses hanging out with former Bucs quarterback Trent Dilfer back in the day in Tampa, reveals what quarterback he wants the Bucs to draft, and what lies ahead for the Backstreet Boys and his career in 2015. Be sure to visit on Monday.


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Happy Birthday!!!

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New Staff Member!

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Hello every one my name is Kate, I am one of Nicky’s friends and I will be here to update all the member sites as often as I can, with news, pictures and graphics. I wish you all a nice day.

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Came back again

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First of all, I’m so sorry for don’t update the site before. I was working a lot this summer with my new job and I didn’t get the time. Anyway, I’m going to try to update the site with tons of new photos & news but I need a few time to check all the photos, please, be patient. So, please, come backand enjoy the updates. Sorry for all the problems.

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Nick Carter sings a new tune after health turnaround

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Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter talks about losing 65 pounds and regaining his life.

Every time I hear another story about exercise saving someone’s life, I get a warm feeling inside. The latest comes from Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. Exercise helped Carter lose 65 pounds. After overcoming addiction and a serious heart condition, he wrote about his travails in his new book, “Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It.”

Tell me about your heart problems. You were only 28. That must have really freaked you out.

I was on tour in Europe, and I was partying every night and really depressed. I ended up in Russia, and I remember I was trying to keep up with the local Russians in drinking games and I was feeling terrible. I couldn’t perform on stage to my usual standards, and afterward I went to the doctor, who told me I had drug- and alcohol-induced cardiomyopathy that was weakening my heart. It was a warning that if I stayed on that path I would die.

That must have been a major wake-up call.

The doctor read me the riot act. It really was life or death for me. He said I needed to stop drinking completely. I was overweight and I needed to change, so I just completely went extreme in the other direction. I wanted to fight for my life, so I sobered up. I quit alcohol for a year and stopped taking drugs. A year later the doctor said he couldn’t see the inflammation in my heart anymore.

What kind of role did exercise play in the change?

Exercise has absolutely been a replacement reward for me. It releases chemicals into your body that make you feel better and think more clearly. Once you know how you feel with a hangover and you compare it to how you feel after a workout, it’s a much better high. Your body doesn’t want to be poisoned with alcohol. Every now and then I have a drink, but I don’t like the way it makes me feel, so I’m still battling it. I’m working toward a future where I just don’t drink at all anymore, drinking less and less and working out more and more and eating better and focusing on my work. Read the rest of this entry »

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‘New reality show will be nothing like House of Carters train wreck’

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Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter has no qualms about returning to reality TV after fans watched him spiral out of control on his family show House Of Carters – because he likes the idea of viewers seeing the real Nick now he’s drug-free.

The pop star accepts he was a mess when he made House of Carters seven years ago, but now he’s in a much better space with his fiancee Lauren Kitt, and he can’t wait to show the world how much he has changed on his upcoming, as-yet-untitled series.

Carter tells ABC News, “That was a train wreck show. That’s what it was. There was no thought behind it. Just put a bunch of people in a house that have issues and ‘let ‘em explode’.

“The (new) show is based on my future marriage with my fiancee, and us basically making it – starting over again, creating a new and better life. That’s what our relationship has been based off of – helping each other evolve. I think it can be very inspirational to the world out there.

“I thought about it, and who I am now, versus the person I was before, and I’m completely different. I’m almost not afraid – actually, I’m not afraid to show the world who I am now. I’m not afraid to show that I am weak at times, but I am making it. It’s not easy, and it’s a process, but it’ll be interesting to show the world. It’s gonna be cool.” [Source]

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